Corporate Taxation

A professional guide & resource for your controller or bookkeeper

Federal Tax Returns & State Tax Returns

We will assist the client in filing their corporate federal and various state income tax returns. We will work with your controller or bookkeeper to ensure that all filing requirements are met and will prepare Form K-1 for each member.

Tools & Programs
We assist our clients with the installation, setup and maintenance of their QuickBooks or other accounting programs.

Support & Online Help
We are also available for support on a monthly, quarterly or as needed basis to review or complete your bank reconciliations and review your company’s chart of accounts.

Professionalism & Experience
Synergize business needs with your accounting goals.


Professional Aid for Corporate Accounts

You may not be able to afford a full time professional accountant, but with Richard Lapointe you can get the power of a CPA working on your team.



“Create lasting value for our clients by providing quality accounting and tax services within the framework of an enduring partnership.“

Project tax obligations
Forecast liabilities & reduce overhead by allowing us to work for you.

Help when you need it
Get assistance with audits, tips for accounting programs and more.

Enable growth
Through timely investments, met deadlines & reduced overhead.